Farting Goats Force an Emergency Landing; Single Goat Causes Aborted Landing

I was reading a story about a goat causing an aborted landing some time in the middle of the night.  When I tried to find it again this morning, I came across an even better story.


First, the aborted landing.

From Stuff:

A pilot was forced to abandon landing at an airport when he spotted a goat on the runway.

The passenger plane was due to land at Kathmandu International Airport in Nepal on October 15 when the pilot reportedly spied the stray animal.

The Bhutan Airlines flight was on final approach from Paro but the captain was forced to perform a go-around while airport staff captured the trespassing goat.

The goat apparently belonged to airport security.  I’ve heard of goats being used for airport landscaping.  It’s the first time I’ve heard of them being used for security!*

But now… the goats.  The goats who farted.  (That is going to be the title of my memoir someday).

The fire alarm was triggered after an incredibly large number of goats on board farted.

From the YouTube description:

The Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter plane, which was en-route from Adelaide, Australia to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, was diverted to Bali Denpasar on October 26 following the urgent announcement.

Upon landing, emergency services boarded the aircraft – which was carrying four crew members and the flock of goats- however reported that there was no trace of fire, heat, or smoke.

This specific incident happened about a year ago (whereas the incident above was in the last few days).  But I definitely did not hear about this one.

I guess the gas just goat out of hand.

*No. I don’t actually think they use the goats for security.

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