The Penguin Cheating Scandal that Has Shocked the World

Imagine you are a penguin, coming home from a long day in the office–only to find your wife-penguin shacked up with another.

This is the situation that faced one of our flippered friends recently.  This penguin–let’s call him Franklin–Franklin arrived home to find his home was no longer his and his wife was with someone else.

"...the hell?" © Bjørn Hovdal | - Penguin
“…the hell?”
© Bjørn Hovdal | – Penguin

Talk about a bad day.

Franklin did attempt to fight for his honor but ultimately lost.

National Geographic caught all the drama on video.  (Warning, contains penguin violence).

Of course, the internet was all over this.  My favorite tweet was this response to National Geographic.


BuzzFeed went a little crazy with the penguin memes* and produced this hysterical article.  

*this is false, you cannot go too crazy with penguin memes.

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  1. At the Hyatt Regency Maui, there is a similar situation amongst three penguins where the female (Naha?) left her original partner for another. Talk about awkward, but these two male African Black Footed Penguin have abodes beside each other and the female is guarding 2 eggs at the moment from Penguin #2. Even more scandalous, the penguin caretaker mentioned that she will go back and forth depending on her mood! 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks for that

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