Friday the 13th: Flight 666 Lands Safely in HEL

a fire with a bright sun behind it

In news I cannot make up, Finnair Flight 666 landed safely in HEL today. But things get even eerier, according to WFAA: Even better? The flight took off at 13:00 local time, according to Flightaware. The one-hour, 34-minute flight landed at HEL at 3:41 p.m. Helsinki time. And it gets even …

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Lufthansa Cancels 876 Flights Today

a large airplane taking off

Just a warning, if you are traveling with Lufthansa, they have already canceled 876 flights for Wednesday, due to pilot strikes.  While this seems like a large number, it is not the majority of their flights (though a large percentage of them). From CNN Money: The airline said that roughly 100,000 …

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This Nail Polish Could Help Curb Sexual Assault

a group of colorful nail polish bottles

Recently, I wrote a post on the clever way bars in the UK are battling sexual assault.  Signs in the bathroom instruct women to casually ask the waitstaff for Angela as a sign that they are in an uncomfortable situation.  The staff will help them out of it in a …

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