Another Drunk Group Thrown Off Flight–including a mom with a toddler

The other day, a crowd of 41 people was removed from a flight due to being too drunk to fly.

A group of eight was just removed from a British Airways flight prior to takeoff for being too drunk.  It turns out they broke the first rule of flying while drunk, which is don’t talk about flying while drunk.

drunk man bathroom

The drunk passengers demanded more drinks prior to takeoff.

The woman with a toddler got into an argument with someone else.

According to the Daily Mail:

She then began demanding more alcohol on board the plane.

Passengers cheered when the pilot eventually ordered her and five other people in her party to leave the Airbus A320.

The incident ultimately caused a two-hour delay on the flight.

(note:  in addition to the five other people, two of her children were also removed)

While alcohol was technically to blame for this incident, the passengers themselves were ultimately to blame.  They should also be held responsible for what they did.

I stand by my stance that alcohol still shouldn’t be banned from flights.  In this case, the drinking happened prior to the flight.

I think more passengers would think twice if those removed needed to pay towards the compensation of the other passengers onboard for the two-hour delay.  Even if it doesn’t make them think twice, at least that’s a way of contributing towards the passengers’ damages.


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