Former New York Senator D’Amato Kicked Off Flight After Delay Related Outburst

The former senator of New York, Alfonse D’Amato, was kicked off a flight after he decided to bring his concerns directly to the captain after a long delay.  After waiting six hours, the captain asked some passengers to move around on the airplane and D’Amato could not wait anymore.

This is my favorite part of the story–D’Amato’s explanation of what he said to the captain.  Bolding mine.  (From New York NBC)

“This was yesterday, and of course, the plane didn’t take off, was delayed for more than six hours, then delayed on the runway with this nonsense. That’s why I said to him, ‘Captain, you know. Look.’ You know.

Check out more of the story here.

Could you get any more New Yorker than that?!  

I can just hear his quote in the voice of one of my family friends.

Senator D’Amato was my senator for most of my New York life (though I was not a voting constituent at all while he was in office).

D’Amato was upset that he was removed and asked passengers on the flight to stand up and walk out with him.

Here’s the video footage of that.

One passenger took him up on it.  Other passengers began to stand, according to the article, then found out the flight was about to leave and returned to their seats.

D’Amato was on his way home to New York from Florida.

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  1. With the slow process of our government officials you’d think he’d be used to waiting, we are 🙂

  2. In my experience JETBLUE has a great propensity to call in armed police. I had an extended delay at PBI and when they had to announce further delays they brought in an armed officer. This armed officer actually unholstered her gun to point out that she was armed and expected no trouble. As a law abiding resident of NYC I have never experienced such behavior. Further research with Police ofBroward, Palm Beach and NY enlightened me to the facts that this was almost daily behavior at Florida JETBLUE airports and that a NYC officer unholstering a gun would be very innapropriate and reported.

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