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What’s in my Birchbox–Man Edition!

Birchbox for Men Reviews Keri and I have often mentioned our Birchboxes–-a monthly mailing of sample sized products and treats.  I use my Birchbox items while I travel and have found it really useful for keeping myself stocked with random items.  While talking about our Birchboxes, a lot of questions …

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Tragedy While On the Road

I was struggling back and forth whether or not to write this post, but here goes.  With our travels, we’ve had mishaps, missed connections, cancelled flights, sprints through international airports, and been suspected of smuggling items back and forth from the Caribbean.  These situations are rough when they are happening, …

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Hyatt’s Standby Upgrade Offer to Me

Hotels have started doing something called eStandby Upgrades. These are the opportunity to upgrade to a better room at a lower rate than usual if the nicer room goes unsold.  You find out at check in.  I’ve gotten some pretty sweet rooms for $5-$10 more. Hyatt offered me an opportunity …

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Travel During the Holidays

This coming holiday season has me bouncing back and forth between visiting family and work travel.  I have a weird problem of trying to decide what city I want to be in for New Years Eve, since it is the one buffer day between two travel trips.  Do I stay …

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