Spending the Night in a Haunted Hotel — The Radisson Lord Baltimore

Is the Radisson Baltimore Haunted?

Radisson was doing a Buy-One-Get-One night promotion, and I was disappointed to find out our local Radisson was not participating.  The closest hotel was in Baltimore, and I had been wanting to go to the aquarium there, so I checked it out.

Not only was the Radisson Lord Baltimore coming up cheap, I found out it is haunted.  Sweet!

Among the ghosts wandering around, there’s apparently a little girl who likes to scare people while they are sleeping.  So much so, people take stars off for it on trip advisor.  (This is not a joke!)

We were booked into the club floor, which is one of the haunted floors (I believe it was the 16th?)  The 19th is also haunted.

Our room was on the corner, which I hoped would make it extra-haunted, but alas, I was disappointed to find no ghosts or night-time murmurs.

I have a video tour of the room, but for now, here are some shots:

radisson baltimore haunted

The bed was actually really comfortable.  I think I got over 12 hours sleep in it. The quilt was soft, and there were no screaming ghosts waking me up.

radisson baltimore haunted

radisson baltimore haunted

I couldn’t help but think this decor is extremely outdated, even for a historic hotel.  But this outdated look added to the mystery of it being a ghost hotel.  I actually was expecting a scene from a noir film to happen any second–A starlet in a red sequin dress bursts through my door, with a cigarette holder in hand, then faints.  But alas, no crimes to solve, no ghosts.

radisson baltimore haunted

radisson baltimore haunted

There was a handy telephone in the shower, should I need to phone from there all of a sudden.

radisson baltimore haunted

This was the first day I was using my new video camera, so gratuitous shot of this future *coughcough* documentary director *coughcough*.

a woman taking a picture of herself in a bathroom

The sink area was TINY.  Not only couldn’t I get myself out of the shot, I couldn’t get the entire rest of the room out of the shot.  It was stuffed into a corner, and conveniently contained a scale set about 10lbs over.  I wasn’t startled by any ghosts, but this scale definitely spooked me.

The club floor was a cool concept.  There were lounge chairs in the middle of the floor accessible only by room key.  In the evenings, there were wine, beer, and appetizers, and in the mornings, breakfast.

The only problem was there was a family reunion staying in the hotel, and they all booked club floor rooms.  They spent the entire time in that lounge area (which I don’t think was the intention of this floor), and snatched up everything as it came out.  They would claim they as a group were waiting for the next item, so when trays of food would come out, they seriously would clear out the tray and put the food at the tables they were sitting at.

I only got a glass of wine because they ran out of wine glasses (the group wasn’t refilling old glasses for some reason), so I ran into the room, grabbed my water glass, and poured myself a glass.  The attendant eventually directly gave my traveling companion a beer and we retreated back to the room.

It was unfortunately a worse situation in the morning.  They weren’t just scooping up all the breakfast food, but they were also following the attendant into the kitchen, complaining about his speed in replacing the items they were scooping up the second he put them down.  We truly felt awful for him, and decided not to even attempt breakfast.

Please note also, we never considered this the hotel’s fault, and after the incident, they reached out to us to make the situation right.  We still don’t hold them responsible in our minds.

I’ll post the video tour of the room and Baltimore soon, but until then, here is my absolute favorite fish from the Baltimore aquarium:

a fish swimming in the water

I named him the Godfather.


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