The Un-official ChampagneDO: Video Edition!

This is what happens when you give someone who wanted to be a film documentary producer at the age of 8 a video camera.  I’ve tried to capture people’s thoughts on the bottles they brought, as well as on the other champagnes.  Here are Keri’s thoughts.  My video editing skills are circa 1980 right now, but I hope as I produce more, they’ll get better.

I must say, video technology has evolved a little since I last edited a video.  Back then required a few tape players, a recorder, and the sound had to be re-overlayed at the end.

Still, rendering takes time–so there is one typo in this video, but I was unwilling to wait another hour to re-render it for a dropped ‘n’.

See if you can name the MilePoint-ers in this video!


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  1. Maybe Dom Perignon is one of those champagnes that varies by the year it was made? Patrick and I got the opportunity to try some in ’01 (don’t know what year the Dom was) and we both decided it was not something we needed to try again.

  2. I tried the ’02 this past weekend while flying Singapore Airlines 🙂 It was terrific. I even did a Krug and Dom side-by-side taste test. We must to ChampagneDo 2 soon 😀

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