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What a Club Sandwich Can Tell You About Travel

What can a club sandwich tell you about travel?  Apparently, a lot. investigated the cost of a club sandwich in many cities to name one the most expensive. What’s city’s the most expensive?  Geneva.  Alison Couper from said: “The Club Sandwich, available on hotel menus across the globe, …

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Wine Tasting Hyatt’s Canvas Wines

Which of Hyatt’s Canvas Wines tastes the best? Diamonds get a check-in amenity when they arrive at the hotel, and they can choose between sent a food and drink item through room service or extra points.  While extra points are valuable, I always choose the food and drink. And I …

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What is a Mileage Run?

” What is a mileage run? ” Keri just posted about a Mileage Run, and one question we get a lot when we write these posts is, what is a Mileage Run? There are two different camps in the frequent flier miles tricks and tips community: Those trying to get …

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