When “Making More” Means Making More of Your Time to Spend With Family

I travel a lot for work, and when I do, I feel like I have a lot to balance.  Groceries, dry cleaning, cleaning, laundry, social calendar, and of course, time with my husband.

One our Guest Bloggers, Art Carden, travels a lot for work too.  But he has more to balance then I do.  He has three beautiful children.

He wrote a great article on managing his time and spending more time with his family, and how to involve them in his travel hobby.

I enjoy traveling, and I’m blessed to be able to do it for both business and pleasure. Sometimes, though, it gets a little out of hand. In the first week of February, I clumped together three that had me in Brazil, DC, and Tampa all in the course of about a week with brief stops at home in between. On my way out the door for the last of these trips, I kissed my two-year-old daughter Taylor Grace goodbye and said “Daddy’s going on another trip.†She looked up at me with eager anticipation and said “I can come, too?!â€

Photo Jun 14, 7 07 08 PMAwww.  This article definitely inspired sniffles, but also because I remember when Taylor Grace was born!  Art and I had a business trip together immediately after, and I waved to infant Taylor Grace on Skype (and Jacob, who was stepping up to the plate as her older brother!).  I remember being impressed at how well connected he kept with his family while still being extremely involved with our work project.

So, Happy Father’s Day, Art!  I’m impressed with everything you do, and how committed you are to time with your family.

And Happy Father’s Day to the two men who raised me and Keri to appreciate life, and inspire us to reach for great things… and far away places!




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