JetBlue Announces Points that Never Expire

JetBlue has announced that the points from their loyalty program, TrueBlue, will no longer expire.

TrueBlue points are our way of thanking you for your loyalty. But members have expressed concern that accounts must stay active for points to never expire. So, we did something about it.

We heard your feedback, and we agree: Your loyalty doesn’t have an expiration date, and your points shouldn’t either. That’s why we’ve dropped the fine print. Starting today, you can hold on to your TrueBlue points until you’re ready to redeem them.

No activity requirements. No asterisks. No expiration dates. Just points, glorious points.

Usually, you need to continue earning points in order to keep your account active.  I’ve found TrueBlue points extremely difficult to keep “active” because it has less opportunities to earn points.  I’ve kept my various loyalty programs active by buying an item (that I was going to buy anyway) through their loyalty marketplace.  (Which I’ve found on — more info here).

JetBlue is moving in the point/miles realm in general.  In May, they realeased the JetBlue Mosaic loyalty program plus credit card with benefits and more ways of earning miles.

Here’s more on JetBlue’s new policy.


H/T Reader Matt C.


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