Just Be Glad That’s Not YOUR Luggage…

Ever wonder why your package shipped airmail from China arrived late and broken?

This might be why:

What frightens me is this is probably how a lot of luggage gets treated behind the scenes.  And I’ve had a lot of odd things happen to my luggage and wondered HOW.

On an Air France flight, I watched my bag flop right off a luggage cart at CDG (Paris).  I was insistent to the Flight Attendant that it was my bag, and she assured me it wasn’t.  Only so much you can do on a plane.

When I landed in Moscow, I got it back hours later.  They kindly delivered it to my room but there was one thing I’ll never understand–the bag had been spiked.  There was a hole through either end of the bag that continued through all my clothing.  I… I… Did it get sworded?!

Also H/T to reader Matt C.

Flinging Luggage


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  1. The other day at LHR, I watched how they load “gate checked items” – I watched a ground person huck the bags and 1 stroller into a bin on the plane and when I say huck, I mean huck! There was no care and attention there!

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