Travel Accessories

How I Stay Feeling Refreshed in Flight

a green package of wet wipes

Traveling can make you feel icky and uncomfortable, especially when you are packed in too close together on a really warm flight. Part of what feels great in first class is getting to refresh with a hot towel.  But there’s a way to do that in coach too. I bring …

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Embracing the Wearing-Yoga-Pants-While-Traveling Trend

Beta brand yoga pants--these are not the pants you were looking for meme

Betabrand, inventor of the controversial work-yoga-pants, has developed a pair of yoga pants intended for travel. Betabrand’s whole shtick is that it creates yoga pants that look more like dress pants.  The public disagrees over whether or not it accomplishes “looking like real pants,” but it at least looks like …

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Lightsabers Meant for the Pool

a pair of light sabers

When I was little, I was terrified of the bottom of the pool.  I have no idea why. I was fine swimming underwater even, but when we went to people’s houses with big pools (or went to the neighborhood pool), I was too scared to swim to the bottom. So …

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My Other Car is an X-Wing Fighter

a group of people in a box

I was behind a car in traffic that seemed to have one of those typical stick-figure families on the rear window. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t quite the typical family. Turns out they had adorable Star Wars cutouts on the back of their car. I wondering if …

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