Travel Accessories

Getting Meta on the R2-D2 Plane

a blue and white suitcase

View from the Wing linked to the new 787 basically cos-playing as R2-D2. This is the ANA Star Wars Project by, well, ANA. But let’s get a little more meta here. IF you are going to fly on the R2-D2, make sure you are also traveling with this suitcase: Hey …

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Get Luggage That Will Follow You Around Automatically

a hand holding a phone next to a suitcase

Ever grow tired of having to carry your luggage around? You’re apparently covered. This is crazy.  There’s a suitcase that will follow you through the airport automatically. From wired:  The suitcase, called “Hop!”, contains three receivers that can identify and triangulate different signals coming from the user’s mobile phone. A …

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Now This Is Truly Some Monstrous Luggage

a box with a crocodile face

I’ve seen some luggage that were monster sized suitcases. But Bored Panda highlighted some suitcases that are truly monstrous. In the literal term.   Check out the link for a lot of her pieces. The articles suggests you can buy these in her Etsy shop, but it appears most of …

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Huge Discounts on Tumi

Tumi is so expensive, when there’s a huge discount, it’s still, well, ridiculously expensive.  But it’s Tumi! I’m currently being tempted by a sale on for Tumi luggage and bags.   I’ve been telling myself I need to spend more on luggage because it will save me more over …

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