One of the Greatest April Fools Products Became a Real Product

April Fools Day tends to annoy me.  I can’t trust anything.  But some sites blatantly offer joke products and ThinkGeek does a fabulous job at creating the perfect fake products.

Forget about Keri’s selfie-stick, how about traveling with a whole selfie-rig?



Or, traveling someplace new? Make sure you get Rosetta Stone for Klingon.



It includes free live conversations with native speakers over Skype!

But my favorite fake product by them became a real product.

Remember this scene from Star Wars?

Behold.  When traveling and camping, you can bring your tauntaun sleeping bag.


The best part about it is the realistic tauntaun guts drawn on the interior.


And check out this adorable reenactment of the scene that ThinkGeek made to advertise this product.

The item is out of stock, but I can assure you I just saw one in person at my friend’s house–so they are real!  They’ll be back in stock in 1-3 weeks.

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