Can You Get Your Rent the Runway Rental for 1-2 Days Extra for Free?

When returning my last Rent the Runway outfit, I realized I could have made a costly mistake.  (For information on what Rent the Runway is and on renting designer dresses for travel, click here.)

My Rent the Runway dress was due to be returned at noon on a Saturday.  As I dropped my dress into the UPS box near my house, I noticed a sign on it:

“Next Pickup: 10AM Monday.”

I panicked, thinking this would make my dress two days late and pulled up the Rent the Runway website.

I found this instruction on the website:

My UPS store/drop box does not pick up ground packages on Saturday. What should I do?

We certainly understand that some UPS locations do not pick up on Saturdays. Please still return your order on that day so that it may be scanned the next business day. As long as it’s returned on that Saturday and scanned on the next business day you won’t receive a late fee.

Now, I’m not saying you should do this, but it appears that if your drop box does not pick up until Monday at 10am, Rent the Runway won’t expect it to be scanned until Monday at 10am.

So if your drop box doesn’t have Saturday pickup, as long as you drop it in before the pick-up on Monday, you should be good.

At first I was asking if this is okay to post about, or if it is breaking the rules too much, but another part of their FAQ deals with this much  more laxly, which makes me feel better about this.

What if my rental ends on a Sunday or holiday?

Although UPS is closed Sundays and holidays, you can still take your return envelope to a UPS drop box (click here to find nearest drop off location). If you can’t make it to a drop box on your rental return date, please mail your envelope back by 12pm the next business day.

So, YMMV, but it looks like Saturday returns are just suggestions if your UPS dropbox does not have weekend pickups.

Which allows you to keep fun dresses like this for longer periods of time.

rent the runway saturday return

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