Get United Bonus Miles for Softcard App Usage

Jetsetr passes along this tip to us:

Was looking at the UA WiFi page (almost an oxymoron in and of itself), and noticed a strange ad in the upper right corner. The ad was so poor in terms of readability, that it actually made me a bit more curious:

United 1

So I clicked on the ad and was taken to this landing page for “SoftCard,†which appears to be a Near-Field Communication (NFC) payment system, similar to ApplePay:


All I had to do was connect my UA MileagePlus credit card from Chase to the Softcard app and make my first transaction, and I could earn an easy 2,500 miles. And I would earn 500 more miles for every subsequent month (until 2/28/15) I used Softcard to pay for something (so the maximum earning is 3,000 miles; if I had noticed this offer when it first rolled out in November 2014, I could have earned up to a maximum of 4,000 miles).

The catch is that since this is an ApplePay competitor, this is only good for Softcard app downloads for Android or Windows phones. Womp womp…

The acceptance of NFC payment systems is still limited, but if you want to see if you can pick up a relatively easy 2,500 UA MileagePlus miles (especially if you need to top up an account, or to keep an account active), this is a low hurdle to clear…again, assuming you find a merchant who accepts Softcard NFC payments.


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  1. Not true. I got the device for my Iphone 5 and was able to get the bonus. My 2500 already posted.

  2. Raj, How long did it take for the bonus to appear in your UA mileage plus account. I have done multiple softcard transaction last month and this month but so far didn’t get the bonus miles.

  3. I’ve made 2 purchases using Softcard, but only remembered to add my Mileageplus number after the first purchase. Any idea how long it takes for the miles to show up?

    There’s no log of purchases made within the app, unfortunately, so I’m wondering if it is even in process.

  4. I also did not get my miles. Did anyone?

  5. Raj,

    What app did you download to your iphone 5? I do not see an app in the Apple App store

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