DON’T Select US Airways as Your AmEx Platinum Airline $200 Fee Credit

Just a warning that if you use gift cards to fulfill your AmEx Platinum Arline $200 Credit each year, do not select US Airways this year.

US Airways has quietly discontinued their gift cards, so make sure you select American Airlines before the end of January.   And remember, if you forget to make a new selection, last year’s choice will still be there.

Platinum Benefit

The gist of the trick is that the American Express Platinum Card reads purchases of small amounts on an airline gift card as a “fee”.

So US Airways flyers who had this card have been selected US Airways as their airline, then would purchase two $100 gift cards.

Now, US Airways flyers should select American Airlines as their airline and purchase their gift cards on

While this will be a pain in the butt for now, it should be much easier once the airline merge their programs in second quarter.  It’s weird not having half my reservations show up on the US Airways website anymore!


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