How to Get Yourself in the US Airways Pre-Order Your Buy-On-Board Pilot

BuyonBoardSome people flying domestic on US Airways are getting the option to order their menu selection ahead of time.  While I haven’t seen US Airways run out of all meals in coach (the way I have on American), they usually run out of the cheese plate and the salad, and leave a few unappetizing options.

So how do you get US Airways to involve you in this pilot?  I have no idea.  I’ve gotten it at random times, and when I’ve flown with Keri, I’ve gotten it and she didn’t.

It seemed unfair to order something on our long flight when she couldn’t, so I started looking into a way to get Keri in the pilot too.  Then I figured it out.

While the e-mail goes to a preselected group of pilot people, the actual program doesn’t lock everyone out.  When I did this, Keri got her meal delivered too.

Copy this URL *exactly*.

Where it says first name and last name, replace it with your First and Last name as you typed it into the reservation. Do not use your first name as it appears on your ticket.  My first name is Jeanne, but my ticket always shows my first name as Jeannemarie since my middle name is on my ID.

Then replace Reservation Number with your reservation number.  And do this at least 24 hours before your flight. 


When I’ve tried to do it WAY before a flight, I’ve gotten told it was too close to my flight, so you may have to wait a few days. I got my email for this program on April 28th for May 1st, so my guess is you can order starting three days out.

Please note, this is the domestic program (and of course, your mileage may vary from mine and Keri’s on this).  Please let me know your luck on using this!

USAirways-International-Bento-BoxThe premium program is also quite interesting, but I haven’t flown on US Airways  internationally (and in coach internationally :P) to try it out.  It is $21.99 and comes with wine and a bento box of food.

This one is easier to figure out.  You just go to this website and type in your flight number and select your options.  I personally think they look delicious, but that also looks like good marketing photos.  Has anyone had any experience with this?

*please note, for those used to American Airlines or United, US Airways only does fresh meals on flights longer than 3.5 hours


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  1. This is a great tip!! I’m going to try this on my next US Airways flight. 🙂

  2. I preordered the first time i got the option and i ended up being upgraded. They asked me to ring the call button. I told the first class FA i would take the first class meal instead.

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