Lots of Love for Pocket Planes!

PocketPlanesAfter I posted about Pocket Planes, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about people’s love for the game.  Some were playing already and others discovered it through the post.

An option in the game is to develop a Flight Crew team to take on challenges together.   I’ve developed a Flight Crew name for all the other Frequent Fliers who also love running their own airline.  It is UPGRADECLEARED . 

Just enter that in the flight crew area of the site, and let’s start working together!

Side note, I was playing this game with a flight attendant on my way to Denver.  When he saw I started my airline in Canada, he said “ouch”.  Ouch indeed.  I’m having trouble expanding!

 Also, I am Jeanne223 on iPad Game Center, in case anyone wants to compare stats.


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