Embracing the Wearing-Yoga-Pants-While-Traveling Trend

Betabrand, inventor of the controversial work-yoga-pants, has developed a pair of yoga pants intended for travel.

Betabrand’s whole shtick is that it creates yoga pants that look more like dress pants.  The public disagrees over whether or not it accomplishes “looking like real pants,” but it at least looks like a step above yoga pants.

Here’s a picture of the travel ones on the go:


The travel yoga pants are high-waisted yoga pants that fold down to let you put items in the waist band and easily access them on the go.  You fold up the waistband again to protect your items, keeping them safely against your skin.



I’m a fan of these waistbands.  When I was traveling around Russia a bunch, I had my passport and valuables on me in a very uncomfortable bra attachment.  Try actually using your money or passport when it’s in your bra.  I’ll wait while you try.

Not very practical, eh?

But having these pockets seems like it would be significantly less awkward than poking around in your bra.



But do they actually look like dress pants?

I’ve seen these types of pants in person (not the travel ones specifically), and they don’t really pass the dress pants test for me.  The fabric looks different enough that it is clear they aren’t “real” dress pants.

But are they pants?

I consulted Buzz Feed’s handy guide.

Am I wearing pants


While they call these “yoga pants” and you could technically wear it to yoga, they do not look like yoga pants–and they definitely do not look as comfortable as yoga pants for yoga poses.  The loose fabric in the legs seems especially awkward.

On all the other counts, these seem to pass, so I’ll deem these pants.  Huzzah!

Beta brand yoga pants--these are not the pants you were looking for meme


But you might find, they’re the pants that you need.  (Sorry, got that song stuck in my head somehow)

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  1. They look like very comfortable stretchy work pants. As long as the materials are thick and the pants well constructed, I have no problems wearing them in public.

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