How Points Made a Last Minute Lunch Date in Another State Possible

I’m a impulsive flexible person.  So as long as I have nothing else planned, I’m up for almost anything last second.

For reasons too complicated to go into, lunch plans I had tentatively been  making with my mother and sister suddenly had to happen right away or never at all.  In New York City.

We realized this less than 24 hours from when we had to be there.  I had to get some work done, so a last second drive up was out of the question.

So I pulled up Amtrak and saw plenty of availability the next day.

Each direction on Amtrak was only 4,000 points–which transfers instantly from Ultimate Rewards (Chase Sapphire Preferred).

Taking the train was the easiest thing I’ve done travel-wise lately.  The metro goes to Union station (where the train leaves from), you stroll onto the train, work on the train*, stroll out into New York City.

*The Amtrak internet doesn’t really work, but more on that later.

I spent five hours in New York City total that day.  But since I was able to sit and work the entire time, I didn’t lose any of the travel time.

And it made seeing family I don’t get to see all the time possible.

mom and karen


(It was really bright outside right before the torrential downpour that followed.  Or they are so awesome, light emanated from them.  Pick whichever explanation you like.)

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