This Tool Will Automatically Display How Many Miles Each Flight Will Get You

When I’ve been booking flights, I’ve also tried to calculate how many miles I would earn for my flights at the same time.  This could influence where I chose to connect through, or whether I wanted to take a slightly higher fare (for more miles).  But I’ve had to manually type the route into a mapping program, and account for my elite status all manually.

I recently wrote on how the 30k miles plugin will automatically tell you if a flight is upgradeable, but it also has another great feature.

Instantly Find Out Which Flights Are Upgradable When Booking

But 30k will also compute and display the number of frequent flyer miles and other loyalty benefits you can earn on any flight when you a run a search on any of the supported websites.

When you run a search for a flight on a website, such as Expedia, this plugin will add the number of miles you can earn on any of these flight options right there in the search results.

miles all flights_text

In addition, once you choose what airline you want to book with, it’ll give you a summary of how this trip will affect your balance.

booking summary

This plugin is only avaliable on Chrome and is part of an overall package that informs about other things when you book–such as whether or not a flight is upgradable

The catch is that this plugin costs $20 per year.  The first 30 days are free, but after that, you must subscribe.

This may not be a plugin that is valuable to everyone–but this can save a lot of time for those who shop for flights based on how many miles they’ll earn (either elite qualifying or redeemable).

If you are an infrequent traveler, I don’t think this would be worth it.  But for someone constantly booking flights/mileage runs, this could save a lot of time.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the opportunity cost of doing all of this flight research.  I think this software is worth $20 a year if I can use that to alleviate my research time.

I think it’s at least worth the 30 day trial (again, if you are a frequent traveler), but YMMV.

If you sign up through my link, I may get credit for your sign up.  But please don’t feel obligated!

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  1. Jeanne,
    What an awesome find. Sounds like a great tool especially for the frequent flyer.

  2. The catch is that this plugin costs $20 per year. The first 30 days are free, but after that, you must subscribe.

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