Google’s New Photo App Makes Organizing Travel Pics So Much Easier

I’ve been a fan of what Google Plus photos has done in the past (previously confusingly called Google Photos in app version–which is a totally different product).

It has created literal road maps of where I’ve gone and taken photos.  It has also smartly figured out when my trips have begun and ended.

But this new app takes “smart” to a new level.

Here’s what Google Photos promised:

google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos


Google Photos

And it really delivers on that!

First of all, the search option is amazing.  I’ve seen people suggest searching for “selfie”.  And look what I got.

Google Photos


The last two photos are half failed selfies, but are still selfies.  Very impressive, Google.  I tip my monocle to you.

So I tried some more searches I might need for blog posts.

I searched for airplane.

Google Photos



Then for hotel.

Google Photos



Then I tried a location–Hawaii.

Google Photos

My favorite beverage?

Google Photos


I did run into one issue when I tried a more amorphous item–the sky.

Google Photos


It apparently thinks the Window’s update screen is the sky.

Finally, I tried my friend Tiff.  

Google Photos


This is the app on day 1.

I can only assume as time goes on, the app will get better and better, plus learn to tag photos more precisely.

I’m really impressed with this one, Google!

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