Travel Accessories

BlackMilk Has a New Game of Thrones Line

a woman taking a selfie in a mirror

BlackMilk is my favorite Geek-clothing website.  I’ve spent a little too much money on outfits there. That’s my Space Invader dress. Usually with Black Milk, I have to be quick because they run out of dresses in their US store pretty quickly.  But they just merged their Australian store with …

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Second Subscription Lingerie Box is a Bust

a collage of different types of lingerie

A few days back, I reviewed a subscription Lingerie Box called Adore Me.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and value I got out of the first month of the subscription, and I loved the style I received. I also decided to try another box called “Wantable”.  Wantable is a …

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How I Save My Poor Feet from Too Much Travel

a pink and white sponge

Okay, okay, I know feet aren’t everyone’s favorite travel topic.  Especially with all the bare feet that suddenly appear on airplanes. But while feet can be a sore subject, sometimes they are literally just plain sore from all that travel. From all the running around the airport and from carrying heavier …

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CoverGirl Releasing Star Wars Themed Make-Up Line

a man in a brown robe

Nope, you can’t make this up. Choose the light side or dark side as you select your color palate from CoverGirl’s make-up line.  The light side’s make-up is waterproof, where is the dark side’s mascara will run its evil course–running down your face when you least expect it. This is …

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