Hot Topic Releases Star Wars Inspired Line of Clothing

Maybe I spoke too quickly when I called BlackMilk my favorite nerd-dress company.  (Just kidding BlackMilk, I love you!)

Just in time for May the Fourth (hope to see you there), Hot Topic has released a Star Wars line of dresses and other clothing, Star Wars:The Force Awakens By Her Universe Fashion Collection.

The dresses aren’t stereotypical, in that they aren’t just copies of the dresses that characters are wearing in the movie.

In fact, the one Rey clothing item is a sweater:

rey sweater

My FAVORITE item from this collection is the Poe dress.

poe dress

I just can’t get over it.

After yesterday’s Game of Thrones collection, and now this, my wallet is definitely crying.  (But tears of happiness, right?  Happiness?  …. anyone hiring?)

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