How Kind of this Winery to Think of Me

I subscribe to a service called Tasting Room done by Lot18.

Lot18 is a website that peddles wines.  I got into it because sometimes I was able to snag bottles of wine for ~$0.98.

I ended up subscribing to Tasting Room, which is a service that sends you a case of wine every three months based on wines you have liked in the past.  Unlike other services I’ve subscribed to, I’ve found the wines in this to be pretty high quality over a consistent period of time.  I use them as my office wine for post-5pm meetings.  (What I’m about to do in 10 minutes…)

In my current shipment, I received a particularly special pair of reds…


They sourced grapes from the best vineyards in California for Jeanne Marie.  How nice of you guys!  I’ll really appreciate it when I crack open this bottle.

(If you are interested in Tasting Room, my link will get us both $20 off)


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