I’m Beginning to Doubt Las Vegas is in the Desert

Last time I went to Vegas back in October, it rained the whole time.  And we had picked the hotel I was staying at specifically because we wanted to go to the Mandalay Beach.

Oh well.

So this time when I popped over to Vegas, I was determined to spend my (little) downtime by the pool.

Monte Carlo

Except it is currently raining, again!

My outdoor dreams are dashed for a second time.

But I’m out here for the Freddie Awards, which was supposed to be one of the first events held in the outdoors Toshiba Plaza.

And the first time the event is held outdoors.

Well, it’s not the first time anymore.  Best laid plans!

Either way, I’ll be live tweeting the event over at @Jeanne23 on Twitter.  Check it out starting at 5pm pacific/ 8pm eastern.

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  1. It’s raining AGAIN?!

  2. Awhh….I know. (I live here!) The weather here has been so unusual for Vegas lately. For me, it is a HAPPY thing because I miss the rain and change of weather because it is almost always sunny and HOT! So I am loving this cooler weather. The good thing is, that the rain here typically moves through pretty quick and doesn’t hang around for major lengths of time! Hope you stay dry and enjoy your time here in Vegas!

  3. I went with a stag group a few weeks ago and it rained the entire trip. Three days straight! So it rains at home all the time, rains in the tropics, rains in Vegas now…what’s left? Palm Springs? The Sahara?

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