The Charge Card That Will Increase Your Phone’s Miles

I was writing the other day about this amazing case that will keep your phone charged on the go.

The only problem is that’s a Kickstarter and totally not out yet.

The problem I have with portable charges is that they are bulky and hard to slip into a pocket.  So they don’t feel very portable.

Then I’m out, my phone’s dying, and I have no way of plugging my phone into the wall.

While this item doesn’t recharge an item as gracefully as the Kickstarter, it appears to be a cheap easy way to charge your phone without taking up too much bulk.

charge card

The Charge Card is about the width of two credit cards, so it could fit very easily into a wallet.  It also looks like it slips into pockets pretty easily.

It’s on sale for $11.99.

Now, this isn’t a battery.  It is a method of recharging your phone.

It can plug into a laptop you are using, the increasingly more common USB wall plugs (I’ve been seeing them in airports a lot), or into a USB-wall slot converter.

The other thing about this is, if you are at a friends house and they don’t have the same device as you, you could just ask to borrow their wall USB charger.

One of my USB wall chargers folds up neatly.  I could see carrying these two items together instead of the mess of wires I currently have in my purse.

They are out of stock in my particular phone style.  Rather than wait, I’m also considering this magnetic set of wires.  It is more bulky, but it holds itself together neatly (and is only $7.99).



The comments are decent for both of these, but for neither is Apple certified, so people have complained they die over time.  (I have an Android).

What unusual phone chargers do you use to avoid a mess of wires?  (Because my purse is not happy with me).


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