FourSquare Bringing Back Mayors and More!

I wrote about a cryptic message that FourSquare posted a few weeks ago that suggested they were bringing back the things we loved about FourSquare before they Swarmed it up.

They said gamification was coming back but they didn’t say in what form.  I was hoping for the old style and not simply an expansion of the new “stickers” Swarm lets you collect.

And huzzah!

According to FourSquare’s blog, mayorships will be returning.

They are also expanding the stickers, but in a badge like way.  You can now start collecting “badges” again, but in the form of the stickers they have been rolling out.  So they are basically badges that earn you the ability to paste new images onto your check-ins.

foursquare sticker book

This is close enough to the old method that I think it maintains what we originally found fun about FourSquare.  But it’s probably too late to regain the momentum FourSquare’s Swarm destroyed.

As for the stickers, I’m hoping I get a special one for having earned the Mile High Club badge in the past.

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  1. Yep! I gave up on the FourSquare / Swarm thing months back and I think they missed the boat. I don’t think they can get back up to where they were. I always thought they were just on the brink of being purchased by Apple or someone like that to add badges to things. I am a Steam achievement / badges motivated but they’ve burnt that bridge with me.

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