Lightsabers Meant for the Pool

When I was little, I was terrified of the bottom of the pool.  I have no idea why.

I was fine swimming underwater even, but when we went to people’s houses with big pools (or went to the neighborhood pool), I was too scared to swim to the bottom.

So my parents got these rings that stood up under the water that you could collect and made a game about it.

The first ring was pretty terrifying, but after that, I was swimming around the pool at a pretty nice clip.

It did take them forever to get me to dive for that first ring though.

I think it would have gone a lot quicker if I had one of these:


This is the newest of ThinkGeek’s Star Wars ProductsInvalid request error occurred. and it makes me wish I had a pool again.

A set of lightsaber dive sticks for only $14.99.

Here’s the cool part.  Once you toss them into the water, they light up.

If I had kids, I’d buy a set for the hotel pool.  After all, light sabers are allowed in flight.

I’m tempted to get a set for myself, but think I’d feel silly with lightsabers in the hotel pool (but maybe not at DragonCon…. hmmm…)

But if I had my own pool…. heck yes.  I’d be all over these.

I’m definitely lacking in lightsaber items.  Back when the prequel movies came out, there was someone making off-brand items and got sued, but they never produced anything officially licensed that was actually cool that I could find that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

These are cute and inexpensive!

(Please note, if you click through my links, I can get referral credit.  I love ThinkGeek and have loved/written about them before they gave out referral credit but totally understand if you want to navigate through a non-affiliate link).

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