(Don’t) Slap Yo’ Momma Ribs (Same-Day Turn Slow Cooker)

I mentioned to some other travelers that I tend to throw food into the slow cooker when I have a same-day turn, and they were interested in some of my recipes, so I figured I’d try out a series of posts on my favorites to check out the level of interest.

Here is my husband’s favorite.  As for the name, one of my dinner guests said they were “slap-yo’-momma-good,†but please note, I do not advocate slapping one’s mother.


Apple cider vinegar
Worcestershire sauce
Liquid smoke
Hot sauce
Rack of ribs, cut into pieces of two
Two BBQ sauces, one vinegar based one and a sweeter one.  (I use Stubbs & Sweet Baby Rays)


Spice rub:  chili powder, smoked pepper, seasoning salt, garlic, paprika flakes, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper, basil

3sauce ingredients





  • Combine seasonings in bowl.  I use a ratio of 2 chili powder : 2 Seasoning Salt : 1 Everything else.  I basically make enough to rub onto the number of ribs I have.

1seasonings bowl

  • Apply spice rub to divided ribs. Bake at 350F for 20 minutes, bone side down.  Flip; bake another 20 minutes.


  • Combine vinegar-y BBQ sauce with one that is less so; add a few ounces of apple cider vinegar and three shakes of Worcestershire, using your spice bowl to pick up remnants. Add a shake of hot sauce and one of liquid smoke.

3mixing sauce

  • Apply a thin layer of sauce to each side of ribs. (You can add more BBQ sauce after cooking, you don’t want too much on there because the sugars will cook too much.)

4saucing ribs

5slow cook liners

  • Layer ribs in crock pot, bone side down.

6in slow cooker

  • Top with layer of foil so the aliens can’t read their minds.

6ribs in foil

  • Cook 8 hours in slow cooker on low.  Pace impatiently, or hop on a plane to Texas, have a drink in the Centurion lounge, and hop back.

slowcooker wait

  • Remove carefully with tongs to keep ribs intact; serve.

8ribs done in cooker

The ribs will be so tender, they’ll fall apart easily.  Be careful when plating them that you don’t accidentally pull the bone out.

ribs on plate3


The reason for the tin-foil is so the ribs don’t scorch.  The slow cooker will switch to warm once the 8 hours are up and keep them toasty, and this will prevent things from getting too toasty in there.


(Please note, I linked to Amazon.com in this post and I receive affiliate credit if you purchase through my links.  If you do, I appreciate the support!  If you don’t, totally fine!  Either way, thanks for reading :D )

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  1. thanks, I was not aware of the slow cooker liners.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I love them so much! I slow cook all the time thanks to them because you just lift them up and throw them out. I still wash the crock pot, but I just need to run it over quickly with a sponge and soap, vs. soaking in soapy water for a day every time I used it!

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