Accidental Finds–How Travel Can Result in Our Favorite Brands, Shops, etc.

I was on one of Bill’s business trips with him.  We were in Tuscon, AZ (a delightful area), and he had a bunch of meetings.

After one of the meetings, we were going to go out for drinks, so I offered to hang around where his meeting would be instead of making him pick me up from the hotel.

So I wandered around the (very hot) streets of Tuscon while he had his meetings.

I turned a corner and saw racks and racks of cute vintage style dresses.  And I went in the store even though I figured the prices would be ridiculous.

Turns out, the prices of the non-sale dresses (that is, full-priced) ran about $40-$60.

Holy cow!

I grabbed the ones I liked and they all fit really well.

Here’s one that I took home with me:

vintage style dress


By the way, this is why you should not get a mirror with beveled edges.

The store had a fantastic selection at decent prices.

I was sad it wasn’t closer.  But I signed up for their mailing list anyway.

To find out they ended up opening an online store, Crown the Shop.  Huzzah!

They also have their own makeup line, but I haven’t tried that myself at all.

But my credit card is going to be busy today….

What was your favorite clothing discovery when traveling?

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  1. Tucson… my adopted hometown. I’ve been here for 10 years and I’m starting to appreciate it. It’s not glamorous, but it has enough to keep me entertained.

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