My First Trip on My Own

The travel bug had to start somewhere–right?

When I was growing up, I got into competitive figure skating and was traveling across the country for different competitions–with my parents.

One year, my parents could not make it to the entire competition.  They could come to the competitive part, but not all the practices we did on the ice beforehand.

So I went up to a competition in Lake Placid with my sister on my own.

The first thing I remember is that the room had a balcony on it.  It seemed really cool to have a hotel room with my sister and a balcony.

Then our first morning there, we went to a coffee shop in a book store.  Now I was on the margin for being an okay age for coffee drinking, so this was a huge novelty to me.

I ordered a cafe mocha and the barrista actually shaved chocolate on top of the drink.  To this date, I can still see him shaving the chocolate onto my coffee.

We brought the coffees back to the room and drank them on the balcony.

My parents joined us later that night, but that one day of “freedom” was magical.  It was my first time traveling without my parents, and I started to learn how exciting it can be to tackle a city all on my own.

I guess you can say that’s when the bug bit me!

Since then, I’ve traveled again and again with my sister.  But no time will be as memorable as that first time.


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  1. Loved reading your story!

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