Tablet Podium and Charger All in One Heavily Discounted–Great for Flights

Trying to balance your iPad on your tray table in coach is like trying to clean food off a little kids face when they are still running around.

The iPad cover I got for my iPad collapses in turbulence and when the person in front of me adjusts his/her seat.

I found a product on OpenSky that seems to fix all this:

ipad stand


A Podium Style Stand With Extended Battery up to 200% for iPad, iPhone & Any Smart Gadgets

Usually, I don’t shop on OpenSky.  It’s way too expensive and their “credit” is misleading.  If you refer people and get credit, no matter how many hundreds of dollars you have sitting in your credit box, you can only use it towards getting a 25% discount on products.

But in this case, this product is heavily discounted and there’s a way to get it discounted even more.

It is on sale for $59.19 but I have a referral link that will give you “$75 in credit”.  But don’t get too excited.  That $75 means you only get 25% off the price of this item, making it $44.39.  But it’s still a discount.

It also means I’d get credit for referring you guys.  But if you click directly on the link, you’ll get the product without that offer or my affiliate credit, so do whichever makes you happiest!

Shipping and handling (places still do a handling charge?  Is this an infomercial?) works out to be about $8.

I tried combining it with coupon codes for 20% off or free shipping, but that erases the use of the credit–another annoying thing about the site.  Credit you “earn” shouldn’t be viewed as a coupon code.

Anyway, even with the annoyances, it seems pretty cool.  It folds up to about 4 inches and it weighs six ounces.  And it definitely looks more sturdy that other options I’ve used.  It looks especially good for watching movies with two people.

(If you do that, be sure to get an earphone splitter for the iPad!)

*things purchased on Amazon give me referral credit.  Wow, I’m chock full of disclosures today!

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  1. dumb question…I want one of these and am more than willing to give you referral credit, so how do I do that?

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