Try the World Review: Not Super Impressed

Once Try the World came out, I saw a lot of positive reviews for the concept of it.

And the concept is cool.  Every other month, you receive a box of 6-7 delicacies from a country of the month.

All for $39.

I signed up for a few months to check it out.  It wasn’t a terrible experience, but for $39 a box, I felt eh about the price point for what I got.

The Argentina box was the last one I got (around Mid-May).

It came with a description of what I would get.

Try the world review

A bag of cookies,

Try the world review

Ducle de Membrillo

Try the World Review

Green olive spread and dulce de leche

Try the World Review

And a red wine sauce spread

Try the World Review


Plus a bag of tea I apparently misplaced.

They are interesting items, but a random collection.

The best selection I got was their old starter box, which was a best of box.

Try the world review

Try the world review



Try the world review


British mustard.

Try the world review


Green tea drink (unsweetened).

Try the world review


And sweetened.


Try the world review

My favorite for the group–chocolate filled waffle cookies.

Try the world review


Belgian chocolate truffles that were a bit too sweet for me.

Try the world review

And olive oil biscuits.

Try the world review


Honestly, the best part overall of these boxes is the cute box they come in.

But for $39, I’d rather wander the aisles of World Markets (or scope out the website) and buy $39 of random things from that store.

try the world review


If I were getting items from Try the World that were so unique and mindblowing–that would be something different.

But it seriously feels like a random selection of things grabbed off the aisles of somewhere like World Market.

Thanks to World Market, I’ve added spaetzle to my diet, started storing Tasty Bite in my desk for when I don’t have time to grab lunch, and got addicted to chocolate covered waffle cookies.

So it is fun to try new things from different regions.  I just really fail to see the value in paying $39 per box for Try the World.

The selection and real surprise isn’t there.

Edit:  You can also cancel through an email, not through the website.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I’ve seen this advertised and wondered if it was good. But I can go into Phoenicia market across the street from my office and get the same items. Like you said, World Market many similar items as well.

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