The Shortest Commercial Flight is Only 47 Seconds

a cliff with a body of water

Sometimes the DC to Philadelphia flight feels like it’s the shortest flight in the world.  By the time you make it to cruising altitude, the descent starts.  But that’s not the world’s shortest commercial flight–by far. The real shortest flight is Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, a journey which …

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Yes, Editing Two Women Kissing Out of a Movie is Problematic

a woman in a fur coat and red hat looking at another woman in a purse

The movie Carol is being shown on Delta’s IFE.  The storyline involves an affair between two women, and it’s pretty groundbreaking. There’s been a lot of controversy over Delta’s version of the movie.  The kissing scenes (along with some more explicit scenes) were cut out of the movie for Delta’s …

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In-Flight Essentials I Take With Me Everytime

people sitting in a plane

I’ve spent a lot of time in flight and have developed my own set of habits.  But I have several items I always keep in my travel bag–just in case. Here’s my list of items that are with me on every flight. 1. A pashmina It’s really versatile. I can use it …

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