This Will Be the World’s Shortest International Flight

I’ve written about the world’s shortest flight before.  The world’s shortest commercial flight is 47 seconds.  I’m guessing the chances of getting an inflight beverage on that route are low. But that flight is from a location in Scotland to another location in Scotland. What about the world’s shortest international flight? It was …

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Is It Okay to Do Yoga Mid-Flight?

The other day, I wrote about some pre-flight stretches I found that are supposedly great for you.  And I admitted I did them in the lounge–albeit, in a section of the lounge that was completely empty. But a woman decided to take her stretching onto the plane and did her …

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My First Flight in the Emirates A380

Due to a last-second flight cancellation on my trip, I unexpectedly found myself on an Emirates A380 flight. Eager to share my experiences with the world, I tweeted out a selfie of me in my seat. My selfie was met with immediate support from the travel blogging community, including Gary …

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