I Don’t Really Understand This Face Pillow (But It’s Popular)

I came across this face pillow on Kickstarter and boy, is it popular.

It’s raised 1,000,000 when it’s original goal was $15,000.

The only thing is, it doesn’t quite look comfortable to me.


From Kickstarter on its strange look (typo from the original text):

3 of FaceCradles 5 modes we dont think look odd in any way. The Deep Sleep Modes do make some people look twice but in most cases the lights are out and everyone is trying to get to sleep and you are more likely to be asleep. Really, nobody cares. When many people are on a flight for example, using Deep Sleep Mode, it wont take long before a FaceCradle becomes a normal thing. We can say this based on the overwhelming number of backers here on Kickstarter and the many thousands of positive comments and compliments we are getting. This makes us very sure, FaceCradle will soon be as common as wheels on a suitcase…. and people laughed at those when they were first invented.

I think this is a little more strange looking that wheeled suitcases (and requires you to wrap something around the seat), but I’m willing to change my opinion–especially since so many people have backed it.

Here’s the whole suite of ways you can use it.


Number 4 and 5 just don’t look comfortable to me.

Still, almost 20,000 people have put a million dollars towards this, so I’m probably in the wrong on this one.  This pillow would run you about $30.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Having just gotten back from a 9 hour flight, that looks absolutely amazing.

  2. Hopefully your’e wearing your seatbelt in number 5, or you may hurt your neck in severe turbulence. M

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