My First Flight in the Emirates A380

Due to a last-second flight cancellation on my trip, I unexpectedly found myself on an Emirates A380 flight.

Eager to share my experiences with the world, I tweeted out a selfie of me in my seat.

selfie on emirates a380

My selfie was met with immediate support from the travel blogging community, including Gary from View from the Wing:

And Matt from Saverocity:

There was a little bit of doubt that I was actually on an A380, perhaps because it is such a unique experience.

So I tweeted out a photo as proof.

Eventually, Kevin from Economy Class & Beyond figured out the mystery:

For those not in on the joke, a lot of frequent flyers aspire to fly on the A380 in first class for things like this…

bar on emirates a380

Here’s a video of someone’s experiences:

This is a little different from the experience that I had.

But I have to say, traveling on the A380 in coach was very pleasant.  The airplane is extremely quiet and the ride is very smooth.  Usually, I can tell when we hit cruising altitude.  Not so much with this plane.  I could barely feel it angle at take-off, which is great.

The food was also very good.

2016-09-09 09.30.49

I expected the eggs to be dry, like all airplane scrambled eggs I had.  They were actually really creamy, and I’d be happy to get that as my entree in a restaurant!

The flight attendants were also really nice.  Of course, it helps that one gave me a morning refreshment.

morning breakfast

But the FA made conversation with me–asking where I’m traveling from and joking about it being 5 o’clock in the location of original departure (instead of, it’s 5’oclock somewhere).

The air quality was also great on the plane.  Usually, I get very dried out on a wide-bodied plane.  I did not feel that way at all on this craft (as compared to my previous flight on a 747).

The flight also had Wifi for $1, which was clutch.

All in all, this would be my flight of choice for flying in coach.  I enjoyed the flight, and coach on this flight was a step above the old US Airways first class experience to Hawaii from Phoenix.

Note: Earlier, a weird twitter HTML problem ate my post, so I just rewrote this post while live. Sorry if you experienced any strange versions of it.

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  1. Posts like this are far more valuable than the Million “Look at Me in Emirates First Class!” reviews out there. I flew in coach on an Air France A380 and thought it was a fantastic experience. It’s still a great plane even in coach!

  2. Aaron K. I totally agree with you when I first this needless to say “another one” but she did a good job and commend her for the realistic post. I think having flown EK to various parts of the world a lot depends on the region your flying to or from and the load %. I can tell you that ( trying not to be a snob) we had one leg in coach for one of us, my wife being smaller volunteered for coach from DXB to CPT. I went back several times and can tell you that six hours into the trip it was getting a little gamey back there. No insult met to anyone. But those loads are packed all the time, and it was a 777. I am hoping that EK goes to a premium coach class and will jump on that with the EK pricing !

  3. I’m still impressed whenever I get served meals on flights!

  4. Not my experience on ek 216 economy class. Georgia, one of the flight attendants was one of the coldest attendants I have met. She never apologized for spilling some stuff over me while collecting food trays back. never said thank you for me helping her to load cups that fell off her cart. I am Asian, I mention this because she was super polite to white British folks. The service was nothing like what they advertise, but passengers sitting next to me were also complaining at how flight crew were treating us. I will say that Celeste, one of the crews was very very professional and truly pleasant. Rest could learn from her. Our original flight was cancelled and we wait 12 hours before we were finally airborne. We were mostly apprehensive about missing connection flights and the crew, except Celeste were getting irritated by passengers asking about connection flights. Please, we are paying to be in this flight and deserve some courtesy.

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