How a Lost Cell Phone Can Be Dangerous in Flight

The FAA is considering banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from flights over safety concerns, but did you know any smart phone could potentially pose a danger inflight? Due to the issues surrounding the Samsung Galaxy note 7’s battery, the FAA is trying to decide whether or not they should …

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Some Stretches to Prevent Blood Clots in Flight

I’ve been on some really, really long flights, and often find myself walking to the bathroom just to get the blood flowing in my legs. Lifehacker just posted a series of exercises that you can do before your flight to help increase the flow of blood in your legs. From Lifehacker: Sitting …

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What Happens If You Get on the Wrong Flight?

Even though boarding passes get scanned electronically now, people still end up on the wrong flight. I was on a flight a few months ago where three people managed to board the flight I was on without having tickets for the specific flight.  They only noticed once the actual owners of their …

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When Murphy’s Law Affects Planning for the Weather

Whenever I plan a trip, I think about what the weather could be like at each of my connections. I try not to connect through Chicago through the winter, and I try not to connect through Florida during hurricane season. But more often than not in the last few years, …

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Do Frequent Flyers Age Faster?

Nothing makes me feel younger than the ability to jetset to a beach somewhere (or Las Vegas!) to chill out. That’s why I was surprised when I saw this article about how frequent travel ages us. From Fast Company: In Cohen’s review of the literature, he found that this mobile …

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Aircraft Door Blows Off: The Air Traffic Control Audio

I’ve been listening to ATC audio on YouTube and I just came across this really interesting exchange from last September. A pilot was climbing after take off when the door allegedly blew off the craft. The video doesn’t give many details, so I did some digging. From Business Insider: “Emergency! …

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