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What Happens If You Get on the Wrong Flight?

Even though boarding passes get scanned electronically now, people still end up on the wrong flight. I was on a flight a few months ago where three people managed to board the flight I was on without having tickets for the specific flight.  They only noticed once the actual owners of their ...

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When Murphy’s Law Affects Planning for the Weather

Whenever I plan a trip, I think about what the weather could be like at each of my connections. I try not to connect through Chicago through the winter, and I try not to connect through Florida during hurricane season. But more often than not in the last few years, ...

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Do Frequent Flyers Age Faster?

Nothing makes me feel younger than the ability to jetset to a beach somewhere (or Las Vegas!) to chill out. That’s why I was surprised when I saw this article about how frequent travel ages us. From Fast Company: In Cohen’s review of the literature, he found that this mobile ...

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Aircraft Door Blows Off: The Air Traffic Control Audio

I’ve been listening to ATC audio on YouTube and I just came across this really interesting exchange from last September. A pilot was climbing after take off when the door allegedly blew off the craft. The video doesn’t give many details, so I did some digging. From Business Insider: “Emergency! ...

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