Southwest Flight Attendant Made Flight Announcements as Multiple Looney Tunes Characters

I can’t stop laughing at this.  I think if every flight were like this, I would always fly Southwest.

A Southwest flight attendant imitated multiple Looney Tunes Characters as he gave landing instructions.

Looney Tunes Southwest

While I originally assumed this was a rehearsed act he practiced many times, I realized he was making references to specific people on the flight while going through his routine–so at least some of it was made up on the spot.

From the Chicago NBC affiliate (where the plane landed):

Zach Haumesser impersonated nearly a dozen characters from the classic Warner Bros. cartoon series “Looney Tunes” as the plane prepared to touch down in Chicago on Thursday.
Beginning with Elmer Fudd and then launching into an uncanny Bugs Bunny impression, Haumesser even gave a shout out to the Utah Valley University men’s soccer team — who were on the plane — as the carrot-eating hare.

It was fun listening to his cast of rotating characters–though I’ll admit, sometimes it was hard to tell if he was doing Daffy vs. Sylvester, or Leghorn vs. Sam (but I realize in the cartoons they sound almost identical as well).

Check out the video here:

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  1. I have always said that I would not want to be caught in the middle of an argument between Daffy Duck and Sylvester, Jeanne — even if I were equipped with an umbrella and raincoat.

    I had you in mind pertaining to a similar article on this video posted at The Gate because I believe you would be one of the only people who would actually appreciate how it was written by — ahem — “guest writers”…

  2. Daffy talks faster then Slyvester and Slyvester even mentions “Tweety Bird Sandwiches” followed by the Tweety Bird voice. Originally Mel Blanc’s Daffy voice was speed up. Foghorn says ” I Say, I say! ” and Yosemite says “rootin’ tootin’ varments” if you know the classic characters it’s easy to pick out.

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