When Murphy’s Law Affects Planning for the Weather

Whenever I plan a trip, I think about what the weather could be like at each of my connections.

I try not to connect through Chicago through the winter, and I try not to connect through Florida during hurricane season.

But more often than not in the last few years, my planning has led to me putting myself closer to the weather by accident.  Or I suppose, through Murphy’s law.

Last year, I intentionally planned a trip through Charlotte instead of Philly in the winter.  Sure enough, my flight was cancelled because Charlotte got a huge snowstorm.  The weather in Philly was fine.

Today, I’ve been keeping an eye on Hermine.  I decided to position for a flight from New York instead of the often rainy and stormy Virginia.


My house sitter reports to me that everything is calm at the house now and it looks like the storm has passed through.  One of the models for Hermine places it over New York when my flight is due out.

It’s now starting to look like the storm will head out more over the water, so I have my fingers crossed.

But it just goes to show, the best laid plans often go awry.

As frequent flyers, we almost have too much information about airports, weather, and trends.  It could cause us to overplan.  But no matter how much over planning you do, you cannot expect the unexpected.

Or the Spanish Inquisition.
Or the Spanish Inquisition.

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