Hyatt’s New Promotion, Getting Better at Plane Spotting, and Buy Me Flowers

Hyatt’s New Promotion

Hyatt has a new promotion that can really add up depending on your Hyatt plans.  Pizza in Motion has a reminder up today to register and gives instructions on how to do it.  He also gives great advice–always sign up for a hotel promotion.

Couple at hotel check in
He’s pointing out the super-bonus he’s getting for following Pizza’s advice. Great job, stock photo guy!

I signed up for a Club Carlson one once even though I had no plans to stay at a property.  My plans changed and I was pleasantly surprised to see the bonus (that I totally forgot about) hit.

I actually have a bunch of Hyatt stays during this promotion, which was a lucky coincidence (and partially due to me being way behind on qualifying for status next year!)

Getting Better at Plane Spotting

The other day, I pointed out some aircraft anomalies on a TV show.  But how do plane spotters know which plane is which?

That Airline Guy has a great post up on key characteristics that can help you identify what aircraft you are looking at.  (It is Part 1 of a multi-part series).

He doesn’t just stick with the easy ones.  Can you tell a 767 and a 757 apart in the air?

If you are into plane spotting, here’s a video on Sharklets vs. Winglets

I used to explain the difference between some of the US Airways Boeings and Airbuses by saying to look for the plane that is giving them the thumbs up–but it’s a lot more complicated now, especially as wing technology changes.

Buy Me Flowers!

Just kidding.

But these *are* really pretty.
But these *are* really pretty.

MonkeyMiles has a post up that is a good reminder that you can earn a lot of points when you send flowers.  He highlights the current 30X (plus 500 bonus) miles that United is offering.  He also shows how FTD will display your total points-earning before check out–so there are no questions about what you are getting!

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