Some Stretches to Prevent Blood Clots in Flight

I’ve been on some really, really long flights, and often find myself walking to the bathroom just to get the blood flowing in my legs.

Lifehacker just posted a series of exercises that you can do before your flight to help increase the flow of blood in your legs.

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From Lifehacker:

Sitting for long periods of time, like during a cross-country or international flight, can lead to serious cramping and discomfort. But you also put yourself at risk of deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots in your legs. These six pre-flight stretches can help lower that risk.

In this video from the Travel + Leisure YouTube channel, Lauren Williams, fitness expert at Health Magazine, and Dr. Raj, Health Magazine’s medical editor, share a six-stretch routine you should do before every long-haul flight:

The six exercises are here.

While I exercise when traveling, I haven’t paid too much attention to exercise I should to in order to travel.  But after seeing this article, I’m trying out a few moves in the empty lounge I’m currently located in.  (Embarrassing pictures not included).

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