How a Mild Mutiny on My Flight Made It Take Off On-time

I wrote a post a while back on whether or not airlines should delay a flight for a coffee pot.  Usually, there are a few different complicated factors that affect whether the flight can take off on-time, but to passengers, it often seems silly.

Today, there was a delay that seemed silly.  But we as passengers don’t always know all the reasons behind everything.

We got an announcement that we were waiting for catering and that catering was way behind.  We were told that we could be delayed up to an hour.

airplane catering

Someone from the back of the plane yelled, “we don’t need catering!”

Other people started joining in, literally chanting that they don’t need catering.

Finally, the flight attendant got on the intercom and asked, “Who doesn’t want catering?”

Every hand went up.

She asked again, “Who wants us to wait for catering?”

No one moved.

And… it surprisingly worked.  We pushed back and took off on-time.

Who knew it’d be that easy?

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  1. Democracy in action!


  2. wow! I’ve been on a flight delayed 1.5 hours from LGA to CMH for one of those stupid coffee pots. Unfortunately the coffee pot is issued with the plane so we had to wait for them to fill out paperwork to fly without it. Dumbest delay ever.

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