Lucky Bastard Gets Free Upgrade to First on Emirates; Records Hilarious Review

Vlogger Casey Neistat was taking an Emirates flight from to New York City to from Dubai.  He still isn’t sure why, but he somehow scored a free upgrade to first class out of business.

He happened to have all his video equipment with him.

What resulted was the funniest first class review I’ve ever seen in my life.

While most bloggers have the flight attendant take a photo of them sipping Dom, Mr. Neistat spent a good portion of his review watching the door on his private seat open and close.


He was thrilled to see caviar on the menu until he actually tried it.  And while he was appreciative of the PJs in his amenity bag, he preferred his own.

He attempted to make his own bed at one point and was stopped by the flight attendant.

And yes, he documented his time in the shower… with proper blurring.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this video, so I hope it brings a smile to your day.

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  1. the reason for the upgrade is most proberly because if the review he did on the jfk-dxb flight

  2. The flight was from Dubai to JFK. His other video from JFK to Dubai was only in business class, which was also a good review

  3. Why is he wearing dark sun glasses all the time, even in the shower?

  4. holy crap, this was hilarious

  5. I love that he showers in his sunglasses, and sleeps with an eyeshade over them

  6. omg this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Now i am so hooked on his youtube channel 🙂

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