Someone Put a Camera on a Suitcase to Record What Happens on Its Journey

The Wired staff wanted to know what happens to your bag after it gets checked. So they threw a camera onto the bag to find out.


From their introduction to the series they wrote:

YOU PROBABLY THINK aviation is getting worse. Planes are more crowded, extra fees more nefarious, the glamor of the jet age left behind like a contrail. But flying is in fact safer, faster, cheaper, and fancier (for those with cash) than ever. To get a look at how the industry’s pushing forward, we ventured beyond the locked doors of the airport. We saw how pilots train for disaster and avoid the turbulence that spills your coffee. We stood next to a jet engine enduring tests in a concrete bunker and landed a plane on one engine (sorta!). We put a GoPro on a bag, threw it onto the conveyer belt, and watched what happened after it disappeared into the darkness.

That link has a series of ~3 minute videos that talk about what happens to your bags, the future of baggage tech, training for disasters, and testing airplanes.  The following video was my favorite.  It shows you the “roller coaster ride” your bag takes–from the bag’s perspective–and talks about how future technology will make lost bags a rarity.

The video highlights some advances such as:

  • Dynamic e-ink bag tags
  • Using RFID to track bags
  • Robots that stack bags into bins (so all the luggage can be loaded into planes all at once)

It’s a pretty cool video and it packs a lot of information in there for just 3 minutes.  You can find the rest of the videos in the series here.

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