Get an Amazon Gift Card for Your Opinion About New Products

It’s always nice when our opinion counts.  It is even nicer when our opinion can net us some $$$.

Now, your opinion as a travel enthusiast can help influence future products–and maybe even net you an Amazon gift card.  Ed from Pizza in Motion is awarding prizes to some people who take a survey that could influence the future of travel technology.


The context:

Those of you that know me personally may be aware that a big part of my day job evaluating and managing new and existing investments in our portfolio companies.  Think of us like Shark Tank, but with less yelling and screaming (and in one case, more hair).

One of our portfolio companies is in the travel space and, as luck would have it, I write a travel blog.  They’ve got a quick, 2-minute survey that I want to help them get responses on.

I just took the survey and it was roughly a 2 minute time investment (and I was checking Twitter at the same time).  You can get more information here.

It mostly asked about my travel habits, which I’m more than happy to share with anyone (given I blog publicly about it).

So check it out.  It not only can earn you some $$$, it can also help create a product that sounds pretty awesome.

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  1. “Get” a card or “enter a contest” for a card? Headline is seriously deceiving.

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