Free Travel Membership Worth $79, Win a $40 Amazon Gift Card, and Save on Booking Travel

There’s a service that offers higher-end hotels at wholesale rates. In a partnership with them, I’m giving away three things–everyone can get a free membership to the website for 1 year (worth $99), I have a coupon code for 7% off, and one lucky person will receive a $40 Amazon Gift Card.

No credit card is needed to join the website and the membership does not auto-renew.

If you are currently a member from signing up for a membership through me in the past, you are always eligible for these giveaways.  Just use the same email address in your comments that you signed up for.

Here is a coupon code for a 7% discount code for all hotel, cruise, car rental, transfer, and activity bookings:  LCG7

This coupon is good until 11:59pm Eastern Time on November 14th.

(tl/dr: 1. Register here for a free membership to a discount website and 2. leave a comment with your favorite travel accessory for the $40 Amazon Gift Card prize)


Club1Hotels is giving away a free year membership to readers of this blog.  Without this promotion, a membership costs $79 per year.

No credit card is needed in order to sign up for the membership.

What you can get with this free access:

a screenshot of a travel company

Unlike many discounted travel clubs, Club 1 Hotels Members are able to view hotel, cruise, car rental and private home details, including names and photos, prior to making a booking.

Make sure you sign up for the option on the left in order to get the complimentary account.

a screenshot of a website

They also have a guarantee:

Guaranteed Savings Policy:
Members receive Guaranteed Savings on every hotel booking made 5-days prior to arrival. If you find a better rate for the same hotel, room and rate type (refundable or non-refundable), we want to beat that rate by:

$10 per night guaranteed savings at 3-star hotels up to $20
$15 per night guaranteed savings at 4-star hotels up to $45
$20 per night guaranteed savings at 5-star hotels up to $60 up to $100 on reservations $900 or more

How to Win the $40 Gift Card!

Now the fun part.  How to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card.

It’s easy.

  1. Sign-up for a membership with Club 1 Hotels through this link.
  2. Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite travel accessory is.

You must do both of these to be eligible.  (I’ll be cross-checking the winner with the membership list–so try to use the same email address if possible!)

You have until 11:59pm Eastern Time on November 14th to enter to win this prize.  One entry per person, please.

The website itself

This service is what Ed of Pizza in Motion has called the Costco of hotel websites.

You can get wholesale pricing for hotel rooms.

This means something really great and something not so great:

  1. Your room will be cheaper.
  2. You won’t earn elite status or points through your stay.

Some hotels will let you use your elite benefits while staying at wholesale pricing (Hyatt, for example, is good about this).  But you won’t earn anything.

I probably will stick to booking through Hyatt for cities where that property is available.  However, I wish I had been a member of this site back when I went to New Zealand.  The rates I’m getting are much, much lower than what I saw then (and what I’m seeing now, pulling things up).

So this is the type of product I would use situationally if you are going for elite status.  If you don’t care about elite status, then you probably want to use this website (but shop around for deals).

But don’t forget, to earn the $40 prize, you must:

1. Register here for a free 1-year membership to Club1Hotels

2.  Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite travel accessory is.

If you do not see your comment right away, never fear!  I need to manually approve all the entries if you haven’t commented on my blog before.


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  1. My favourite travel accessory would be a waterproof backpack. Also a durable suitcase for all-weather

  2. I think it would be my cart on luggage bag it carries everything needed for a short trip.

  3. Favorite accessory would have to be my Ricardo leather carry on hand bag. Its organized to fit everything and I can take it with me and not have to worry of not having my stuff I want with me, near me.

  4. My favorite travel accessory is my carry all bag. And I carry a large pocketbook for necessities.

  5. signed up already.
    My favorite travel accessory is my wireless phone charger.

  6. Packing cubes and luggage scale have made traveling much more organized.

  7. My favorite travel accessory is Bose 35 noise cancelling headphones.

  8. Lame and unoriginal, but it’s my phone. I thought I’d be able to disconnect on trips without it, but it’s so much more for me – camera, music, fitness tracker, note taker, map…It’s the one thing I’m realizing I’d not want to be without on any trip (yes, even over my hair flat iron :))

  9. Ear plugs. I always make sure to bring ear plugs for noisy airplanes, or trains, or buses, or hotel rooms at night. They are small and easier to pack than noise cancelling headphones.

  10. My favorite travel accessory is my smartphone

  11. my favorite travel accessory is a neck pillow!

  12. My backpack!

  13. My favorite travel accessory is my phone. It is literally how i plan everything when I am traveling.

  14. Mine go to is the super light but heavy duty foldable bag with zipper!

  15. My favorite travel accessory is an oversize zip tote that I use as a my carry on, all purpose. Never have too much luggage.


  17. Packing cubes hands down.

  18. My favorite travel accessory is my own shampoo and conditioner. Hotels never give enough.

  19. My favorite travel accessory is my tablet loaded with books.

  20. Earplugs and my sunscreen!

  21. I always bring my iPad. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. my favorite travel accessory is my extra battery charger for my phone and laptop. i like to have it with me so i never lose power.

  23. I love a good neck pillow for planes trains and cars, I also couldn’t leave town without my Waterproof cosmetic bag

  24. I always have a really good book.

  25. My favorite accessory is my gopro camera.

  26. noise-cancelling headphones are my favorite travel accessory

  27. My favorite accessory is my travel phone charger. My phone never holds a charge with the way I use them! Although I pretty much over pack and consider everything something i just cant be without lol

  28. I love to travel this time of year with my uggs, hoodie, and blanket!

  29. I like travel cosmetics & great travel bag

  30. Best accessory is my backpack. Couldn’t travel without it

  31. My Smartphone, an Apple IPhone, is my favorite companion because it is like a mini office for me, plus some entertainment.

  32. I never forget my favorite pair of slippers,so I can be comfortable at any time.

  33. My favorite travel accessory is my travel bag

  34. I have to say my favorite travel accessory is my phone. I mean it can take videos and pictures… it can play music for long travel.. it has gps so i dont get lost… i mean it is the travel companion best friend

  35. My favorite travel accessory has to be my purse! I really use it a lot when Im exploring new places and its a good place to hold souvenirs!

  36. My pillow is my favorite accessory

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